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Prezi Video With No Audio

I converted a wmv video to a few different formats (mp4 and flv) and still couldn’t get the audio to play in Prezi. However, videos with the following codec settings will work:

codec info

Solution: Open your video with Handbrake and convert it to H264 with AAC as the selected audio codec and it will play just fine.

Useful Bootstrap Links

Also, an user named Billy Cravens on left a ton of good bootstrap links (bootsnip looks especially awesome) in this post:

Twitter Bootstrap:

Bootswatch: (free Bootstrap themes)

Wrap Bootstrap (premium Bootstrap themes)

Common Bootstrap Snippets

Some nice date plugins for Bootstrap

Bootstrap WYSIWYG editor plugin

Integrating Bootstrap with jQueryValidate

Nice data grids:

Integrate Bootstrap with Data Tables:

PHP - Verify File Is Uploaded And Zip

if($_FILES["zip_file"]["name"]) {
     $filename = $_FILES["zip_file"]["name"];

     $name = explode(".", $filename);

     $continue = strtolower(end($name)) == 'zip' ? true : false;
     if(!$continue) {
           $message = "The file you are trying to upload is not a .zip file. Please try again.";
     } else {
          $message = "File Is .zip";

PHP - Loop Through Excel Document and Print Cells

require_once 'excel_reader2.php';

foreach($reader->sheets as $k=>$data)
    echo "\n\n ".$reader->boundsheets[$k]."\n\n";

    foreach($data['cells'] as $row)
        foreach($row as $cell)
            echo "$cell\t";
        echo "\n";