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IFNULL(`field1`, `field2`)

That returns field1 if it's not null. However, it will return field2 if it is null.

Notes On JOIN - MySQL

  • If your INNER join is returning too few values and duplicates, you're probably using the wrong kind of join. Try a LEFT join.
  • INNER JOIN is the same as JOIN
  • (diagram explaining joins)
  • LEFT JOIN is used - this will return ALL rows from Table1, regardless of whether or not there is a matching row in Table2. 

Indexes Help... A Lot

I just brought 4 queries from 15 seconds to less than 1 second by adding indexes to the columns in the ON() portion on the join.

Indexes help... A lot.

New Vocabulary Word


An example of a CRUD application would be something that tracks orders in a database. All 4 actions are going to be necessary to track those orders. CRUD: The basic database operations.