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Microservice Communication

I’ve been learning more about async communication between microservices and came across this article that talks about some of the trade-offs between sync and async communication:




  • “synchronous calls are simpler to grasp, debug and implement”


  • “A temporary burst at one component can flood other services with requests.”
  • Risk of Cascading Failures (domino effect of failures if one service experiences an otuage)
  • tighter coupling (requires endpoint versioning in the owning service)



  • “removes the need to wait for a response thereby decoupling the execution of two or more services”
  • “deals better with sporadic bursts of traffic”


  • “Asynchronous systems tend to be significantly more complex than synchronous ones.”
  • “consumers need to adapt to work with an asynchronous system”
  • “the message bus the Achilles heel of the system as it remains a central point of failure”
  • Eventual Consistency (potentially out of date data)