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Python - Pipenv to pip-tools

I've been using Pipenv for the last few months and my biggest issue is that "--keep-outdated" has been broken in the latest release (2018.11.26) for a while. I've needed to install Pipenv from the master branch to make it functional. However, the last time I used "--keep-outdated" from the master branch, it wouldn't automatically update the hash of the dependency being updated.

Updating specific requirements is something I need to do pretty often, and it's not fun to explain all the Pipenv quirks to the team.

Pip-tools looks like it does everything I need and has fewer quirks, so I ended up making the switch.

Pipenv uses pip-tools under the hood, so the migration to pip-tools was very smooth. The migration process was:
  1. Copy the dev-packages and packages sections of the Pipfile to their own files.
  2. Run pip-compile
  3. Copy over the specific versions and hashes from the Pipfile.lock to the generated requirements.txt. 
I did have a small issue where updating a specific package with pip-tools removed a bunch of dependencies from the requirements.txt unexpectedly, but running pip-compile with "--rebuild" fixed it.