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Things I Learned From DEFCON

Pentoo - Linux distro for pen testing.
VMware fusion - Most of the presenters were using a Macbook with VMware fusion managing their VMs.
Chinavasion - One of the presentations mentioned this in the context of dealextreme, I'm assuming this site is similar.
Kali linux - Another distro for pen testing.
Open bts
Sqlmap (SQLi injection) - Python tool used to tell if php pages were vulnerable to SQLi injection.
C99 shell - PHP interface for shell level system functions.
b374k shell - Another shell which allows an user to run file system, database, and shell commands from a web interface.
Accunetix (xss)
Business logic flaws in mobile operators
Doskey /history - Will show you all the previous commands typed into command prompt.
Maria DB - When oracle took over MySQL, it forked and maria db is still run by the previous developers.
Firefox imacro - A presenter said he uses this for all of his bots.
Burp repeater - Looks similar to fiddler, allows repeating http packets. Maybe only for Mac.
Groupie and Geocouch (couch dB) - This was used in combination with the unity engine to display clusters of map points in a video game.
Steganography - The word for hiding data inside of other files. A presenter showed how histograms could be used.
Femtocells - A personal cell tower. One of the presentations talked about how to use a femtocell to intercept text messages to a Verizon (CDMA) phone.
Shark - Has something to do with a hadoop, good for storing large amounts of data.