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Reading RFID With Raspberry Pi (or any linux device) + Reader

I'm using the following Parallax USB RFID reader:

First you will need to ensure you have PySerial installed by trying to "import PySerial" while running Python's IDLE. If you receive an error:
    Install PySerial:
      1. Install python's setuptools: apt-get install python-setuptools
      2. Install PySerial: pip install pyserial

    Once you have PySerial installed, open IDLE again and use the following code to see output from the reader:

    Why didn't return the same unique identifier as what is written on the fob?:
    • If the key on the card says 30788590 and the reader returns 3501D5CBEE. The "1D5CBEE" part is the card number. Try going from the card number in DEC to HEX it in the windows calculator while it's in scientific mode if you don't believe me.